Aliya James Allen Weise

Poetry Walls is a project for high school students that can scale from a small, humanities learning segment to a large, transdisciplinary course of study adding ecology, political science, engineering, and art. 

Taking as its spring board current events surrounding the U.S. and Mexico border, the project asks students to create their own proposals for submission. First, students research historical and contemporary precursors and outliers. Then, students work to articulate their own philosophies about borders, walls, and the reactions to such structures. As students work to then draft proposals, additional research involves engineering and questions about the environmental impact of their project. Finally, students have the opportunity to respond to their own and other proposals in the form of writing, art, and protest.

Below, you can see the visuals from a sketch of the project taught as a demo lesson. This project is highly flexible and scale up or down depending on grade level, student ability, or other factors.

Bellow, you can find some examples of materials for student use.