True nonetheless

Photograph Valentine's Day by Aliya Weise on 500px

Valentine’s Day by Aliya Weise on 500px

Yes, I realize that this is likely a very cliché image to make for the day but it is nonetheless a very accurate image for the day. It’s so easy to become cynical and doubtful of the good things in the world. With so much suffering, we can easily loose sight of what is still good, beautiful, and full of love. 

Today was a wonderful day where a immense love was shared and shown. I find myself feeling extremely grateful for all the good people in my life—family, friends, students, collegues, children, and more. These people nurture and support my faith that we all have the power to overcome the heartaches and disappointments of our pasts, so that we may better focus on what is good, beautiful, and full of love in our lives right now.

It’s important and so wonderful to acknowledge those that matter in our lives. What greater accomplishment can we achive than to let those who give our lives greater meaning know that they are appreciated, respected, cherished, and loved? 

It’s a simple enough thing but most of life’s greatest treasures are.

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