The Mall—365 Project, January 3

Photo: ISO 400, 35mm, f/1.4, 2.0sec with an external flash manually fired.

I started this project because I believe in the long term growth possible from daily, discinplined practice. To plan, execute, and process an image every day is very difficult for me but also extremely rewarding. I wanted to capture the movement of shoes walking on stairs. After practice, work, and errands I only had about an hour to work on getting the kind of frame I wanted. The stairs I had in mind were, ironically, closed today. I wasn’t to be detered however so I found another set on the other side of the mall. I set up what I thought I would need to capture the shot I wanted. An ND filter, a flas to manually aim and fire, and my camera on a sturdy tripod. I waited, waiting, and waited. The mall was plenty full, so why wasn’t I getting the shot I wanted? Well, for once it was not my techinical ineptitude. It was that no one was taking the stairs. Most people were actually using the eleveator and some few were taking the escelator. Easy enough to remedy, I moved and began experimenting. I got off a couple of frames I liked and this one is my favorite. 

I realize with each passing day how much more I want to learn, how many new things I want to try, and, most wonderfully, how I can more creatively and compassionately witness the world around me.

Aliya WeiseComment