Reading Lamp Shade

Photograph Reading Lamp Shade by Aliya Weise on 500px

Reading Lamp Shade by Aliya Weise on 500px

I noticed some time ago just how much less I read during my son’s younger years. Now that he is older, involved in his own activities, and reading more on his own, I am able (and have the energy) to pick up some books again. It’s a nice feeling to hold a book in my hand and I realize that I am a bit out of practice in reading longer, more dificult texts. Like a bike, the skill comes back relatively quickly. 

I once took a several month trip to India during which I read through all of Jacques Derrida’s major texts. I spent my mornings praciticing yoga asana, my days reading Derrida, and my evenings reading yoga philosophy. It was a wonderful time packed with learning and sometimes I miss having that much liesure time to pack my mind full of knowledge. Yet, the time spent with my son or my loved ones more generally is equally full of learning, in fact even more so. 

The time we have with good company may not be a learning filled with jargon valued by ivory towers, it may not be a learning that can be displayed on instagram with a certificate in hand, but it is a learning of how to be. My time spent conversing with loved ones, building model trains with my son, breaking bread with friends is time more valuable than any theory well understood or any asana perfectly performed.

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