Reading faces

“Derrida’s anatomy of the ‘visor effect’ in Specters of Marx (1994), the famous moment of being looked at by his cat in The Animal that Therefore I Am (2008, 11), and Deleuze and Guattari’s rethinking of the Face via ‘facialization’ are attempts to move beyond the humanism that anchors Levinas’s model of the encounter.1 ‘The fact of turning an animal skin into a manuscript “facializes” it,’ Kay writes, and ‘this legibility of the face overlays and arrests the drift into multiplicity of the undulating body.’ Reading, that most supremely human of activities, is thus always haunted by that which the regime of sense and the Symbolic excludes – ‘sacrifices,’ as Derrida would put it (Derrida, 2008, 42).”
~Cary Wolfe

Aliya WeiseComment