I managed to be shooting during some of that fabled perfect evening light. It’s a nice treat for me when the opportunity arrives and I enjoyed it to the fullest. I was in the park watching my son ride his bike and the light just fell perfectly on this statue of Mr. Padre. I know less about baseball than I know about football… which is to say less than nothing at all. Still, it was a beautiful scene and an opportunity to get some close up frames of the gritty looking shoes. I didn’t have anything with me other than my camera so I under exposed just a bit to be sure and preserve some detail in the highlights of the well lit metal figuring I’d pull out what I could from the shadows on the computer. It was fun.

It’s so wonderful to just get out and see what comes across our paths. Our lives can so easily get so very, very narrow. Our little worlds with our particular interests and concerns can easily limit us from the other amazing and beautiful things out there. Sometimes, this happens just by nature of time… we only have so much of it.

The pressure on all of us to specialize seems to be greater than ever—know what you want to do earlier in life, do it obsessively, make everything feed that one passion. It just makes me feel a bit sad when we have greater access to information than ever before we feel like we have to put blinders on ourselves and our youth. 

This project has already helped me push myself out of my comfort zone. I am looking around at the world in ways and in places I simply didn’t pay attention to before. I am sharing the process (and so much more along the way) than I ever thought I’d be comfortable with before. I am learning so much about the people and world around me. 

Daily practice of anything is extremely instructive. 

Aliya WeiseComment