Long Day’s Work, 365 Project, January 18

Today was one of those days that started early and just didn’t stop until… well, it’s still going actually. It’s wonderful to have those productive days now and then, where all the accumulated tasks of a week (or a month) finally get attended to and completed. Making sure everything is ready to go for the upcoming week is really important, or at least really helpful.

This project has already changed a lot about the way in which I look at the world around me. This month, I’m focused on shoes and while I’ve photographed mostly those of my family and friends it’s been interesting to take closer note of what people do with their feet. From fancy footwear to slippers, graceful strides to shuffles, there is a lot to learn about people by looking down.

Taking my gaze downward was only part of the intention. Doing so with a dedicated image making device was a huge part of this project for me. I wanted to be sure my intention was to make an image. That is, I didn’t want to just happen to have my phone with me and between texting and email catch a great shot. Despite it’s cliché, I wanted to be forced to do only one thing… to look closer.

It’s been a wonderful learning process. Like so much I’ve done in my life, I find myself much more focused on people and the world at large than I do the specific tool or task at hand. Image making, asana practicing, word crafting… they’re all just tools, albeit particularly fascinating in my eyes, to the larger project—living.

Aliya WeiseComment