Homework Hands

Photograph Homework Hands by Aliya Weise on 500px

Homework Hands by Aliya Weise on 500px

It’s so easy to avoid actually parenting these days. Sometimes it’s the iPhone or TV, sometimes its day camps or activities, sometimes it’s just ignoring a child while we’re working. We all have such busy lives and it’s easy to understand that we can’t nor should be there for every moment. 

Yet, there’s something very special that heppens when you put in the work, the gritty work of parenting. I’m sure there’s an iPad app or PBS Kids show that would help teach our son to read and write. But I love sitting at the table with him nearly every night to work on his education. This and other shared activities have built a very special bond between us as a family. It’s a constant, a safe known in his life that is so filled with uncertainties. 

Tonight, as he worked on his homework he recalled a time, now a year gone by, when he would sit with his Mamma Kathy and work on his letters and numbers. It made him happy to remember and simultaneously so sad about her current absence. It drew up in him the simple statement, “I like homework with you and Mamma.“

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