Finding a better view.

Boy Climbing A Pole

Photo: ISO 100, 50mm, f/3.5, 1/1000sec.

The past year has been something of an experiment with the online world. I gave myself all of 2014 to be open to any of the social media networks. I had spent some time prior to this past year with a very ambivalent attitude towards social media. I wanted to challenge my own assumptions and biases about the benefits and costs of the online existence. I joined just about any social media that came my way. I friended, followed, and linkedin with anyone that was even remotely familiar or interesting. It has been a great experience that has changed many of my opinions and my relation to the online world.

Yet, I knowingly gave myself the past year’s freedom for online exploration  with a clear intention that at its conclusion I would begin to prioritize, to concentrate my time and efforts on those endeavors that I found to be significantly beneficial for my endeavors. I said yes so that I could better say no. I opened up to new possibilities to better surround myself with powerfully creative and positive influences.

I’ve figured out the ways and means best suited to my endeavors and look forward to sharing more with communities that are supportive and positive forces in the world.

Aliya WeiseComment