Father and Son, 365 Project, January 8

Photo: ISO 400, 50mm, f/2.2, 1/125 sec

This shot was planned out. I wanted an image of our shoes as the sun set. I was hoping to have a better setting but this is where we found ourselves after bike riding, dog walking, and home work completion. I bounced a flash of a gold reflector resting behind me to fill in the deep black of our shoes as the sun was setting fast and already casting long shadows. The patio was a mess so I quickly opened up the aperture and decided I would be making my first attempt at focus stacking. As we were cuddled up, I didn’t want to disturb too much of the moment so I used Live View and manually focused on his shoes for one frame and mine for the other. I combined the two frames in Photoshop. 

I’m sure it sounds cliché but there really is so much to learn. I find every day something new to waits to be explored and attempted. 

Aliya WeiseComment