365 Project, City Lights

Photograph Moon Light and a Busy City by Aliya Weise on 500px

Moon Light and a Busy City by Aliya Weise on 500px

For this month my project is to look more closely at light. I couldn’t resist the full moon opportunity so I grabbed some long exposure streaking of a busy city with the relatively still celestial body. It’s really all relative though, isn’t it? 

It’s hard to believe that we’re already in March of this year. One of the reasons I love photography so much, especially with a dedicated photography device, is because it helps facilitate more careful observation. I love having my trusty iPhone with me to snap a shot when ever I want but there’s something about it’s constant multitasking—emails, instagrams, phone calls, etc. A dedicated camera, that does nothing else but capture images, is a really special opportunity to slow down, focus, and enjoy the creative process… or in my case the creative challenge.

I’m looking forward to capture some very particular “lights” over the next few days as our son’s birthday is soon—the glow of my son’s birthday candles, the twinkle of his gradnparents’ eyes, the soft shine of his mamma Kathy’s smile. 

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