Back At It

With the use of Google Classroom and SpringBoard Digital, the use of the blog is less relevant these days. However, it's helpful to keep up to date on some general happenings.

Sophmores—Don't forget that you have quite a bit of homework over the weekend. I recognize it might seem like a lot, but you are capable of completing it and it will be very helpful for that collaborative essay we'll be writing. As we keep working on Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness, don't forget to end each day's reading by summarizing in your head a "quick-and-dirty" version of the plot. Additionally, keep your eyes out for the moments when "cultural conflict" is foregrounded.

Juniors—Our goal is to prepare for and pass the AP level class next year. Accordingly, the pace and amount of work are going to start really ramping up. As we keep deconstructing dominant ideas about what it means to be an "American," look to current events for some very interesting, and troubling, conversations on the matter. Let's keep working to articulate in more reasonable, compassionate, and sensible terms what a national identity ought to be so as to offer an alternative to some of those making headlines with their use of pejoratives and derogatory statements. Also, as we read through Upton Sinclair's The Jungle, let's keep our eyes on how systems of domination have been long at work to divide the oppressed and exploited.

Seniors—We are really cooking. You have your first big essay submitted. We are working on the UC personal insight questions. And, we're pushing through Margaret Atwood's brilliant and frighteningly relevant The Handmaid's Tale. As we keep reading Atwood, watch out for some of those troublesome situations she presents where partial knowledge within unjust societies means one can never be too certain about the moral ground underneath one's feet.

I'll start keeping this blog more updated as Google Classroom is prooving helpful primarily for our document management, SpringBoard Digital for some of our class readings, and (my favorite) good old-fashioned paper books for our novel reading. Hope everyone is finding the weekend relaxing, or at least productive.