The Struggle

I tell my students how important it is to cary on through the struggle of writing. Unlike Hemingway, writing has never felt easy to me. Bleeding out at the computer, to continue with Hemingway's famous maxim, has always felt like a struggle to me. I cannot remember a time when the process felt easy. Yet, it's something I love deeply and so cary on with the various writing endeavors.

My dissertation is really struggling at this time. I'm trying to articulate a relationship between Leslie Marmon Silko's Ceremony and Jacques Derrida's idea of sacrificing sacrifice. I see something there that I can't quite put my finger on: the "witchery" in Ceremony as the calculability of bodies marked expandable, the decision Tayo makes not to execute the Japanese or to save his friend as a the insistence on sacrificing sacrifice. I have written, erased, revised, and rewritten the chapter so many time it is difficult to count. 

I know I'll get there eventually. With the centrifuge of practice and discipline, I'll separate out the plasma of my thoughts.