Calm Before the Storm

Our first grading period is nearly over. So next Friday, I'll be locking in grades and reports will be sent out shortly after that for student (and parent) review. Six weeks sure does fly by when you're this busy.

Sophomores were fortunate to have earned a little reprieve from the essay writing doldrums and start our creative writing project. It's the first step in a process, but it was nice to get it going. We worked on getting some concrete images and vivid language down for our cultural identity poem. Reina Privado's excellent "Tortilla" spoken word performance is proving to be a nice model.

Juniors worked through "The Declaration of Independence" and considered the possibility that it might be beneficial to "translate" the document into more contemporary language. In fact, we're going to have the opportunity to do so in the style of Hamilton. Of course, we continue to work through our novel and our larger project of criticizing the so-called "American Dream."

Seniors are finished with The Handmaid's Tale and beginning to study prosody. As we wrap up our first unit on "Life, Death, and Rebirth" we are also starting to take a hard look at the SAT essay rubric—May will be here before we know it. Hopefully, everyone has also checked out the next novel from the library. It's another Atwood novel, Oryx and Crake,  but I think it will be a very different reading experience for us. We'll be considering the "anti-hero" for this unit.