The homecoming game last night was a great spectacle. The team remains undefeated and at times seems unstoppable as they tear through any barriers. I can't say I am a devout football fan outside of my own school, but it is nothing short of wonderful to see students pursuing things they love—from football, to cheer, to band, to JROTC. 

Sophomores got to take their first tentative steps into Unit 2 and I'm really excited for our first big assignment—a creative writing endeavor to express a particular cultural perspectives. Some students are looking to create a piece of performance poetry, while others are eager to read Persepolis and think about completing their own graphic novel, or novella. 

Juniors are wrapping up Unit 1 by writing a large synthesis essay. A little quiz on Sinclair's The Jungle helped us recognize where we might need to read a little more carefully. All of this, is causing us to doubt the reality of the so-called "American Dream." 

Seniors have stepped fully into the strange world of Oryx and Crake. Don't forget, Seniors, you need to submit a quote analysis for Chapters 1 & 2. Be sure to identify one of the literary terms or devices noted in the attached document for each quote analysis. We will dive into the literary movements of Post-Modernism and Eco-Literature starting next week.