The Storm

That was quite a week! The grading period came to a close, we administered the PSAT exam on Wednesday, and I was out for an Instructional Leadership Team meeting on Thursday. Which is to say that it was some way to close out our first units of study. The truth is, with the delays we have just a bit left to finish up on them.

Sophomores, look forward to turning outlines into papers as we try to make sure we maintain a logical structure for our synthesis arguments. We're going to spend all of the next week reading our novel, writing our paper, and revising it for submission.

Juniors, we have one more lesson to cover before we start to compose our papers. We'll be keeping up with our novels, but our focus will be squarely on the paper writing process.

Seniors, we have our end of unit exam on Monday. It will consist of a practice AP writing prompt, so be sure to bring your composition books. Also, we will follow that by quickly jumping into Post Modernism, Eco Criticism, and Margaret Atwood's Oryx and Crake.