One Month In

It's been about a month since both my son and I started our school years. We both have been very busy, but I admit I think he might have more fun activities than I do. This year he began swimming on a team and this was a big accomplishment for him. He started really learning to swim about a year and a half ago. His step-mom taught him, patiently working with him to help him get over his fears. So, when he made the swim team he was deservedly very proud. I emphasized to him that he should look back and recognize just how awesome it feels when all that hard work pays off. After only a month into the school year, I realize I'm going to need to remember that advice for myself.

I am not sure I have had more than a moment or two of sedentary time since the orientation for my credentialing program. From heavy reading loads to many online discussion threads for classes, I have been working non-stop. The mornings start very early and include dissertation reading and writing time. I have begun my major re-write and sent off a small section to my advisors at GWU for their review. I want to avoid my previous error where I completed 65 pages of what I thought was solid work only to be told I had missed a couple of foundational points and thus needed to do a complete overhaul. This time, I plan on sending off more incremental updates to make sure my trajectory is deemed satisfactory. 

After the morning Ph.D. work, it's time to get our son up and off to school and often for a little PTA meeting as well. The community at my son's school is very busy this year and I've been doing a lot of behind-the-scenes writing work. Luckily, all of my commuting is easy so from there it's off to my student teacher appointment at San Diego High School of International Studies. With the ringing of the school bell at the end of the day I'm off to pick up our son, stop by the house for a quick snack, and ride out to my classes at SDSU. Luckily, I only have classes four days a week, which leaves the remaining three to catch up on all the work from teaching and classes. 

It's admittedly a very busy schedule and will be so through the end of the school year. I can already hear my son dishing my own advice back to me: "But Dad, just think how much you've accomplished! Doesn't it feel good to have all that hard work pay off?" I can't wait to answer him, "yes, yes it does."