Cinders, Precisely

These little pieces are a fun challenge to write after each book I read. To condense even the smallest of Derrida's texts is humorous.

Précis Cinders

Jacques Derrida, in Cinders, offers a sustained meditation on the recurring image of cinders and ashes as a paradigm for his more widely known concept of “the trace.” On the one hand, Derrida presents quotes from his previous material where such images occur such as in “Plato’s Pharmacy” and The Postcard. On the other hand, he offers responses, reflections, and further elaborations to the original material. Of particular note, Derrida is most interested in his phrase “il y a là cendre” which is translated in this text as “there are cinders there, cinders there are.” What results is a wonderful if brief clustering of fragments about purity, sacrifice, the holocaust, and cinders. Jacques Derrida offers this small philosophical meditation and it is a wonderful glimpse of his self-inquiry, reflective analysis, and pensive playfulness.

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