Gate Keepers and Bridge Builders

I began my teaching credential program ready and eager to learn how to be a better educator. I wanted to understand what approaches, tactics, and strategies help make one a compassionate, powerful, and successful leader in a classroom. Just under half way through the program, I think many qualities have come to the forefront of my mind as fundamental requirements. One such requisite quality is that a powerful teacher wants to see their students move on, graduate, and reach another shoreline ready for exploration. Great teachers are bride builders for the hopes and dreams of their students—at any age, in any subject matter.

As a student and as a colleague, I have had interactions with teachers in a variety of settings over the years such as secondary schools, universities, continuing education programs, and even yoga shalas. It never ceases to stupefy and saddened me that so many teachers view themselves as  "gate keepers." Such an outlook is inherent hierarchal and one that I just can't support. All of the educators and mentors I admire are bridge builders.