Purity, Sacrifice, Starting Over

I finally got my copy of Leonard Lawlor's From Violence to Speaking Out: Apocalypse and Expression in Foucault, Derrida and Deleuze from the Edinburgh University Press. It came the day before my flight to Washington DC and I believe it will help me think through some real challenges I am facing with my dissertation work.

In trying to justify my literature selections, I can see now that it might be helpful to focus on those narratives that speculate on apocalyptic scenarios, even if on the individual level. A bit contradictory, I know. But, there's something going on whereby the violence against the animal is an act of purification, a sacrificial burning meant to secure the fictitious bounded individual of Western metaphysics. But how?

Why is it that, to paraphrase Lawlor, the worst violence is a reaction to the powerlessness that is felt at our own porosity? How does violence (in reality or otherwise) close off the ingress and egress of others and self? Hopefully, I will have some more articulate responses after completing Lawlor's text