Be Awesome (Guru Purnima)

 Kids are the greatest teachers. 

Kids are the greatest teachers. 

Today is Guru Purmima. Upon the landscape of my very small social media territory, floods of pictures inundate my little screens with photos of Pattabhi, Sharath, and (much more rarely due to ever-persistent sexism) Saraswathi Jois. I am grateful beyond words for the hours spent in shalas dedicated to, or directed by, the Jois lineage. I am grateful for the experiences I had, continue to have, and hopefully will have in the future. And yet, there are so many other teachers in my life.

By all accounts, today is a day to give thanks to teachers, of academic and spiritual matters. I'm sure we could all provide litanies of both, and subdivisions that might go on for pages. In my own life, I would have to start with my parents and continue at great length through to my university professors. Of course, I would not want to leave out friends and family, students and colleagues, so many that have taught me so much in this small, short little life I have lived. I could (and should) thank each and every one for the many wonderful things I have learned, for they have all been of great merit. 

Of the two greatest teachers I have ever known, one would undoubtedly be my son. He has taught me, or at least attempted to instruct me, in the ways of being awesome. I am a slow and obtuse student but he is patient and persistent. Slowly, I feel like every now and then, once in a blue moon one might say, I experience moments of practical awesomeness. From lessons in random compassion to radical commitment, from sudden curiosity to serene love, this young boy has taught me more than I will ever be able to give him credit for. He has been one of my greatest teachers.

So on this day when so many are celebrating teachers, I would like to thank one of my greatest teachers.

Thank you son, for teaching me how to be (occasionally) awesome.