The Office

I use the San Diego Central Library as a great place to get some reading and writing done. It's an amazing structure and space. With so many quiet areas to park yourself, it's easy to spend hours doing the reading, research, and writing I want to get done. We're really lucky to live so close to it here in the upcoming East Village. 

Even after living here for only a year I can see how much the this little area of San Diego is really changing. Some call it revitalization, others gentrification. For me, it's a complicated scenario that has both benefits and detriments. An increase in safety for my family and greater availability of valuable resources like primary education is greatly welcomed; but the loss of affordable housing and the thought of where the transient population (many of whom appear to suffer from mental illness) is not without a lot of questions and concerns. 

The Central Library is a real crossroads, both because of its physical location and its great mix of programs. In my time there, I feel like there are a great number of transient people that come to the library to find respite and refuge. In general, the space is very welcoming, going so far as to provide free lunches to kids over the summer break. Some rules and regulations are in place, like keeping footwear on and not making too much of a disturbance if the restroom is needed for a full-body washing up.

As more residential towers go up every year and the East Village is marketed and sold as a hot spot for the "creative class" I imagine even more changes are in store. I hope that planners, developers, and most of all residents keep in mind the need for hospitable spaces for those less fortunate.