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Bio Corps

I just finished Margaret Atwood's MaddAddam Trilogy and I am so grateful for the recommendation from Professor Jeffrey Cohen. It has been a real joy to return to academic studies with such a wonderful, thoughtful, and joyous read. I highly recommend the entire trilogy as all three books stitch a complicated, interwoven dystopian tale. Although, I have already begun to question this categorization of the trilogy. There is something surprisingly, though elusively, hopeful. Admittedly, it doesn't appear until the final pages.

“And Ren said, Tomorrow is another day, and we said we did not understand what that meant, and Amanda said, Never mind because it was not important. And Lotis Blue said it was a thing of hope.”
Excerpt From: Margaret Atwood. “MaddAddam.” iBooks.

I look forward the academic journey ahead of me. I know I have a difficult, uphill road to travel. Yet, I too feel surprisingly hopeful. With the encouraging guidance of great faculty, the abundance of great literature and criticism, and the support of my loving family, the prospect of completing my academic studies feels not only very possible but incredibly worthwhile and joyous. 

Thank you.

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